IDD Therapy: (Decompression)

How is IDD Therapy treatment administered?
IDD Therapy is administration through the Accu-SPINA, a state-of-the-art computer directed spinal-rehab system. True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System has proven to be effective for relieving pain for both degenerative and compressive injuries. Accu-SPINA uses a direct method for administering spinal decompression that helps to relieve symptoms often seen in those with bulging, protruding, and herniated discs as well as sciatica, facet syndrome, and degenerative diseases.

The Science Behind Accu-SPINA System
Patient data is entered at the computer interface. Every aspect of treatment is monitored and displayed to the clinician, assuring total comfort and maximum efficacy. Active tracking of applied force, the ability to individualize treatment according to patient response to the treatment regimen pre- and post-therapy sessions further improves therapeutic results.
Fully computer directed, the treatment regimen can be duplicated for a full rehabilitative course which will be executed in an exacting manner that cannot be achieved by conventional physical therapy approaches.

The primary waveform is directed to a specific dysfunctional spinal segment. This waveform is directed to the vertebra and used for mobilization. This waveform may also be used to mobilize a facet joint (posterior facet syndrome), strengthen the lumbar spine, relieve pressure on a nerve, decompress a disc, or promote the influx of oxygen, blood flow, and nutrients into the affected area. This highly-sophisticated device works with absolute precision to target specific segments of the spine for more effective treatment.
The secondary patent-pending waveform is oscillation. This waveform is determined to affect the proprioceptor firing response. This may help prevent accommodation, guarding and muscle spasming, as well as enable a more effective treatment to occur.

In spinal decompression therapy, our chiropractor strategically applies force to the spine to not only improve disc hydration, but also to stimulate elongation of spinal structures. In order to achieve the maximum effect from elongation, it is essential that paraspinal muscles are relaxed; these muscles are designed to protect the spine from injury. If spinal decompression is applied when these muscles are in the relaxed state, then parts of the spine (the bony vertebra) are spread out, which alleviates pressure on herniated, bulged, and intervertebral discs as well as surrounding nerves. In short, Accu-SPINA can help elongate the spine without contracting the surrounding muscles.

When a disc is damaged, a pro-inflammatory substance exists that often increases the pain associated with the spinal condition. As spinal decompression is applied and pressure decreases, oxygen and nutrients move inside the disc which facilitates healing. Similarly, reducing the pressure helps to decrease the herniation as herniated disc fluids are drawn in.

It is important to note that spinal discs are considered avascular structures; therefore, the discs in your spine are often slow to heal due to the limited regenerative nature of avascular structures. As a result, injured discs often result in chronic pain.
The bed is designed with comfort and safety in mind. The bed rotates into the vertical position to easily accommodate patients, even when incapacitated from pain. The patient is secured to the machine with both a stabilization chest and pelvic harness to ensure exact positioning and total comfort during treatment.

What Results Can I Expect?
1) Pain Relief, even after just a few sessions.
2) Shrinkage of disc herniation
3) Fewer incidents of back pain and debilitation
4) Return to active lifestyle
5) Increase mobilization
6) Quicker return to work